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The European Invention of Photography and 19th Century British Applications

Assignment 3: The European Invention of Photography and 19th Century British Applications

? The Pencil of Nature, TR57 P66 1990 [VHS] or DVD (required). Available through “Films on Demand”
The Eye of the Empire, TR 775 E94 1989 [VHS] or DVD (required). Available through “Films on Demand”
Fox Talbot, William Henry. The Pencil of Nature.

? Optional:

? William Henry Fox Talbot, TR 140 T3 W55 2003 [DVD]

? Daguerre and the Photo

? Camera, TR 140 D3 D34 2004 [DVD]

? The Magic Mirror, TR 646 M334 1991 [VHS] ? Questions:
1. What one essential technological difference separated the photographic inventions of Ni?pce and Daguerre from that of Fox Talbot?
2. What occupations and social classes seemed to characterize many of the early practitioners of photography within Britain?
3. What characterized their approach to photography? How did they view this new medium, photography?
4. What would you say was the relationship between painting and photography in Victorian England, as presented in the videos and by Fox Talbot in The Pencil of Nature?
5. Describe how photography was used to support the British conception of the 19th century world order?
6. Describe how the use of photography developed in tandem with the new social science of anthropology.
7. Choose one landscape or nature photograph from The Pencil of Nature to write about.